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Whether you’re just looking to contribute a guest post or to become a full-blown member of the team, we welcome you. Et Socialum strives to provide quality content, and we’re always open to new talent. If you’re just looking to publish a guest post or a handful of articles, go ahead and fill out the form below. If you’re looking to join the team as a regular writer, send your resume and work samples to social@etsocialum.com and we will get back to you as soon as we have reviewed your credentials.

What we're looking for

The most important thing to consider here is that we are looking for quality content. We are not looking for short blurbs or diary entries. We prefer to see well-researched, craftfully articulated articles that provide useful information that our readers can apply in their lives. Ideally, your articles will be 1000 words or longer and will cite several credible sources. We expect posts to be original and unpublished. If you have already published your work on your own site, we will link back to your site and credit it as the original source. In return, we prefer that you designate on your own site that the article is featured on Et Socialum.

Topics we cover

Et Socialum’s focus is on informing and educating. We’re a media and news company, not an academic journal, so we’re not expecting the thesis paper of an esteemed professor at a top research university. Every article must, however, educate our readers or provide some useful tools that they can apply in their lives. If you’re just running a news article, find something important to take away from the story and explain to the readers what can be learned. 

Suggested Topics:

• News

• Politics

• Sociology

• Economics

• Public Health

• Demography

• Political Science

• Communication Studies

• Education

• History

• Law

• Linguistics

• Behavioral Economics

• Psychology

• Psychobiology

• Anthropology

• Cognitive Science

• Social Psychology

• Social Neuroscience

• Organizational Behavior

• Consumer Behavior

• Media Psychology

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. We will consider articles that do not fit neatly into the categories listed here so long as they provide quality content and could be argued to improve the lives of their readers.

Write for us
(Not Required) If you write under a pen name, include it here. We will keep your identity secret and publish your articles under this name, unless otherwise requested.
If you're currently working on an article, or have a specific article in mind you'd like us to publish, tell us about it here.
If you have past work you'd like to share, give us a link so that we can get a feel for your writing style.

To educate and inform. Et Socialum strives to provide useful news and information that our readers can apply to better their lives.

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